The Dawn

"The Dawn" is an experiment, in which I want to describe musically the feeling of seeing the sun rising in the morning dawn, when the first rays of the sun reaching nature and everything is getting alive for a new day ... I produced this track with Cubase and mostly with HALion Symphonic Orchestra.

When the track is finnished, I will upload it to Google Music, iTunes, etc. If you want to buy the track for a movie, get in contact with me per e-mail: music@hinzz.de.
Enjoy the music. :)


'Nipponi Bossa' is No. 1 on ReverbNation


Debut-Song 'Nipponi Bossa' / Debüt-Song 'Nipponi Bossa'

This is my debut-song Nipponi Bossa. It is a high energy instrumental track, and a fusion of bossa and rock. You can find more infos and the music on:
also on:
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Dies ist mein Debüt-Song Nipponi Bossa. Er ist ein energiereicher instrumentaler Titel und eine Fusion aus Bossa und Rock. Du kannst mehr Infos und die Musik finden auf:
auch auf:
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